7 Reasons to Clean your Power Spray Equipment

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jun 10, 2013

We continue to be amazed at how filthy many pest control sprayer and weed control sprayer trucks are. I am not talking about cleaning tanks and internal components. That is the subject of numerous other posts. Here is my list of:

Top 7 Reasons to Clean Your Power Sprayer.

7. Show you have pride in your work. (unlike this guy). If you don't want to clean it for someone else, clean it for yourself. You are supposed to be a professional.

pest control truck trash

6. So you don't get pesticides or herbicides all over you (like this guy).

pest control equipment filthyI don't care if you are wearing the best personal protective equipment (PPE) in the world, if you are working on spray equipment that looks like this, you are going to get chemical on your body. You only live once - take care of yourself.

5. You are hurting your company brand and image. Did you spend good money coming up with a company name and logo? Did you put your logo on your shirt and truck and business forms? All your hard work and money spent on building your brand is going down the tubes if you show up with a pest control sprayer that looks like this.

4. Your career matters. If you are working on equipment that looks like this, you are not going anywhere (except perhaps to the unemployment office). No one is ever going to promote you. No one who sees this equipment is ever going to hire you.

3. You will NEVER get a customer referral. What customer in their right mind would recommend this company to a friend or neighbor?

dirty weed spray rig

2. You are sending a message to your customer that you don't care. Look at this photo of a weed control spray rig. I think it is pretty clear the spray tech doesn't care about his job or his equipment. The tech obviously doesn't care about his own health and safety. If I was his customer, I would wonder if the tech cares about the health and safety of my home and family. It wouldn't take me long to find another company.

and the number 1 reason to clean your spray equipment is.....

1. So this doesn't happen to you:

pest control fire damageEntire pest control spray rig, including 2 tank, 2 reels, pump and motor were a total loss due to fire damage. The rig caught fire because the tech never bothered to clean up spilled gas and chemical (and because no one inspected his truck to make sure he was cleaning it). Tech claimed someone through a lit cigarette in his truck while driving down the freeway. Hah! We're not buying it. He tossed his cigarette butt out the window and boom!

Have some pride. Have some common sense. Your filthy equipment reflects on our industry.


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