5 Critical Year-End Pest Control Equipment Tips

5 Critical Year-End Pest Control Equipment Tips

Posted by Andrew Greess on Dec 24, 2017

Pest control professionals should use this slower time at the end of the year to ensure their pest control equipment is in tip-top shape for the coming year. These tasks are all things that need to be done anyway. You might as well do them when you are slow and when they will not negatively impact your customers and your schedule.

1. Clean it Out

Empty pest control sprayers and clean out the tank. Flush the system with clean water. If it has been a while since you have done this, check supply hoses for buildup. You may need to use a compressor to blow out lines. Dirt, grit, grime, oil and debris take their toll so clean all your other equipment as well.

2. Do Your Preventative Maintenance

Slow times are the best time to perform preventative maintenance. You use your pest control equipment hard, it needs maintenance. Don’t wait for it to fail – this will cost you more money. Don’t wait for the busy season to perform preventative maintenance – your mechanics or equipment vendors will also be busy so the equipment will be down longer when you can least afford it.

3. Clean/organize/inspect your vehicles

This is great time for detailed vehicle inspections. Is all the pest equipment in good, working order? Is equipment stored in the correct location? Are baits and glue boards protected from contamination? Is the vehicle clean and well maintained? Is all equipment properly secured or attached to the vehicle. Inspect spray rig & toolbox bolts. Don't assume because it was attached 5 years ago it is still secure. How about cleanliness? A filthy vehicle does not present the quality, professional image you have worked so hard to develop.

4. Avoid freeze damage

Ensure spray equipment is protected from freeze damage. Store equipment in heated locations or remove components such as pumps, guns and filters to prevent freezing or otherwise protect your equipment. Never start frozen equipment or pour hot water on it to de-ice it.

5. When in doubt throw it out

If you see a hose, gasket, fitting or other component that is worn, don’t wait for it to fail, replace it. You will have to replace it soon anyway. It is not worth trying to get an extra couple of months out of it. It will fail when you are busy and will cost you more in the long run. We are amazed by the number of technicians that interrupt their day for a minor repair on an old piece of equipment that should have been replaced months ago.

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