5 Benefits of an Electric Power Sprayer for Pest & Weed Control

5 Benefits of an Electric Power Sprayer for Pest & Weed Control

Posted by Andrew Greess on Aug 13, 2012

100 gallon pest weed control gas power sprayer

I am often asked by customers and prospects, what are the benefits of a 12 Volt electric power sprayer. Here are my top 5 Benefits of Electric Power Sprayers.

1. Lower CostElectric sprayers are generally simpler, have fewer parts and cost significantly less than gas-powered sprayers. Usually the pump and motor is a single unit, which costs less (than gas powered) and that does not require any additional assembly, which saves assembly labor and cost.

2. Less Space – Electric sprayers generally take up less space in the vehicle. The electric pump & motor is usually quite a bit smaller than a gas motor & pump assembly. The smaller footprint has a number of advantages:

- Ability to use a smaller vehicle. Smaller vehicles generally cost less to purchase and operate. - More space for other equipment & products. For pest control professionals practicing IPM, this can be a particularly valuable benefit.

3. Less Maintenance – Electric power sprayers have fewer moving parts and often have simpler plumbing. This means less to go wrong, fewer parts to maintain in inventory and easier maintenance.

4. Greener Image – Because they don’t use gasoline, the operator can claim to be a greener company that doesn’t use gas-burning engines.

5. Quieter – Electric engines make almost no noise as opposed to gas-powered sprayers which can be quite noisy. This can allow the operator to operate earlier and later in the day without disturbing clients and neighbors.

I will discuss downsides to electric sprayers, as well as pros and cons of gas-powered sprayers.