4 Wheel Cart Sprayer for Pest / Weed Control

4 Wheel Cart Sprayer for Pest / Weed Control

Posted by Andrew Greess on Nov 22, 2013

4 Wheel Cart Sprayer | 12-Volt Electric Cart Sprayer | Cart Sprayer Pest Weed

4 Wheel Cart Sprayer we custom built for a new client in California.

4 wheel cart sprayer

Client was very happy with our work.

Here are some of the features of this Cart Sprayer for Pest / Weed:

- 35 gallon poly tank with anti-siphon device and locking lid (required in CA)

- Sturdy 4-Wheel landscape cart with pull handle and eye bolt at rear for pulling cart up into vehicle

- Shurflo 115 Volt pump

- Cox hose reel with 100 feet hose

- Hose end has shut off valve, quick disconnect (QD) and pressure gauge on QD

- Green Garde Spray Gun

- Heavy duty brass plumbing fittings for durablility

- Easy access filter can be checked even when tank is full.

12-Volt Electric Cart Sprayer

We normally don't use a pressure gauge on an low pressure pump like this but the client requested it.  We put the pressure gauge at hose end on quick disconnects.  Easy for client to read pressure while spraying and to store gauge when not in use.  Downside:  adds weight while spraying.

35 Gallon 12 Volt Electric Cart Sprayer Pest Control

Client initially wanted a 1 2-Volt Electric Cart Sprayer with a 50 gallon tank.  We spent quite a bit of time on the phone with him, talking about his requirements and the types of jobs he was likely to do.

After a few conversations he decided that this what he needed.  He was thrilled with our sprayer.

Here is the key point I want to share.  Because we spent time with the client upfront, the client got what he needed.  We didn't try to sell him something off the shelf that wouldn't suit his needs.  He invested a little time and perhaps a little extra money for a custom sprayer.  He will make it back many times over.  His productivity will e higher every day because the sprayer will do what he needs it to do.