2022 National Pest Control NCAA Basketball Pool

2022 National Pest Control NCAA Basketball Pool

Posted by Andrew Greess on Mar 4, 2022

 Announcing the 4th Annual 

Pest Control March Madness Basketball Pool

It's free to enter and there are great prizes, but best of all, you get to dominate and trash talk your competitors!

Who is the best Pest Controller out there?  It could be you!

Fill out the form below and we will email you registration instructions.

What Can You Win?

1st Place:                    Birchmeier 15K Iris Backpack Sprayer and industry bragging rights

2nd & 3rd Place:         Birchmeier 15K Iris Backpack Sprayer

4th & 5th Place           6000 Lumen LED Mega Bright Rechargeable Inspection Flashlight

6th  & 7th Place          4000 Lumen LED Super Bright Rechargeable Inspection Flashlight

8th - 10th Place          1000 Lumen LED Rechargeable Inspection Flashlight

Last Place:            Box of plastic roaches 


Birchmeier Backpack to 1st - 3rd Place

                      Birchmeier Backpack

Provided by Birchmeier 

Rechargeable LED Flashlights 4th - 10th Place

        Provided by

We want to thank our sponsors Birchmeier &  We love Birchmeier Backpacks.  They are the best backpack built, are completely rebuildable and with a little care and maintenance will provide many years of profitable service for your company. 


                                     Birchmeier backpacks


How does the Pool work?  

You pick your brackets. (NOTE: You don't need to know anything about Basketball to play.  You just click on a team to pick it!) . 

Each round is worth more points than the previous round.  

To reward the selection of underdogs, you get extra points when your underdog wins.  The underdog's seed is added to the points for that round.  This will also help ensure players are paying attention deep into the tourney. For example, Round 1 games are worth 1 point each.  If you pick the underdog #5 seed in the first round and they win, you will get 6 points (1 point for the round + 5 points for the underdog seed).

Fill out this short form and we will email you instructions on how to register. Contest rules are at the bottom of this page.

















NOTE: We will NEVER sell or share your email or personal information. You will receive periodic emails from us that we think you will find valuable. You can unsubscribe any time but you must be subscribed in order to receive notifications about the Pool & to be eligible for prizes.

Pest Control 2022 NCAA Pool Rules:



This is a Pick-The-Bracket pool where you pick all 63 games in the NCAA Men's Division 1 Basketball tournament. You get points for every winning pick and the person with the most points at the end wins.



You earn points by correctly predicting the straight-up winners of each tournament game (not including the play-in-games). There are 6 rounds and a total of 63 games, 32 games in the first round, 16 games in the second round, etc.

The pool manager set the point values per win as follow:

Round - Points per Win

of 64 - 1

of 32 - 2

Sweet 16 - 4

Elite 8 - 6

Final 4 - 8

Finals - 12


This pool does not use point spreads. Wins are determined on a straight-up basis.



This pool uses seed scoring and you get the points shown above plus the team seed for each win. For example, if you picked a #5 seeded team to win in the 4th round, you would get 13 points (8 pts/win * 1 win + 5 seed = 13). If you choose a #1 seed team to win the same game, you would get only 9 points (8 pts/win * 1 win + 1 seed = 9).



The pool standings are based primarily on points. The person with the most points wins. If 2 or more people have the same points, the first tiebreaker is the Championship Game Point Total Prediction. The person who most closely predicts the total combined score by both teams in the Championship game (going over or under doesn't matter since this isn't the Price Is Right) wins this tiebreaker. If 2 or more people are still tied, the next tiebreaker is Wins. The person with the most Wins wins this tiebreaker.



The pool manager has set the deadline for whenever the first game is played. You may enter and change your picks until this time. The pool manager may change this deadline but no entries will be accepted once games start.



The pool manager can enter picks for anyone at any time, even after the tournament has started. When this happens, the website flags the late picks in the standings pages so that everyone knows that a late change has been made.



It is your responsibility to confirm that your own picks are accepted by the website. You can do this in a number of ways including the pick confirmation email and by returning to the pick sheet to see that your selections are prefilled. The picks shown on the website after the deadline has passed are your FINAL picks regardless of any paper printouts or confirmation emails or other proof you might have. In the event of any dispute with individual picks, we will always go by what is shown on the website.



The pool manager, whose username is ANDREW GREESS, has registered an email address of andrew@



Pool open to Pest, Landscape & Related Industry Companies and their employees only.

Only 1 entry per person

Prizes will be shipped to US addresses only.

Pool manager breaks all ties and sets all rules.

You must be on the mailing list in order to be eligible for prizes

Pool manager can change the rules at any time

Have Fun!!!!