Birchmeier 11807202 Comfort Kit

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Birchmeier 11807702 Comfort Kit




Please consider the original Birchmeier Comfort Kit (click)





1.  This part fits only the old style Birchmeier Backpacks. It does NOT fit the AT-style backpacks.

2.  We have a few of these left.  When they are gone, that's it.

3.  Because this item is discontinued - ALL SALES FINAL.

4.  No returns, exchanges or refunds.


Protect Your Back!

Includes padded shoulder straps which removes stress from your shoulders, and waist belt, which transfers weight to legs (instead of back).  

This is not the standard Birchmeier comfort kit.  This is the Qspray improved version.  Better design, better padding, longer lasting then the original version.

Check out the video!

Minor assembly required (allen wrench & bolts included).

NOTE: If your Birchmeier straps are snug; the padded straps will make them more snug.  You may want to purchase the Birchmeier Extra Long Straps.

NOTE: This kit only fits the old style Birchmeier backpacks.  It does NOT fit the new AT3 style backpacks. 


Download the Birchmeier Backpack Parts Breakdown


The Comfort Kit Works:


“My Birchmeier 4 Gallon Sprayer was increasing my speed of completion time by not having to reload mid-way; which was a great update to from the Birchmeier 2.5 gallon sprayer. Although I love my much larger Birchmeier 4 Gallon Backpack, it was causing back pain on me. Which is why I ordered the Birchmeier comfort kit from The comfort kit took the weight off my back and transferred it to my legs. I must say my back pain is gone. Thanks”


Juan E. - California




Product Videos

Qspray Birchmeier Comfort Kit 01:00 We have an optional upgrade to the Birchmeier backpack sprayers, the Birchmeier Comfort Kit. It will fit on the sprayer you already have, we've made padded covers for the shoulder straps to prevent shoulder strain, entirely covered to prevent bunching. Also, and importantly, we've added a padded belt that fits comfortably on your waist. This relieves the weight of the backpack sprayer from your back and moves it to your legs. We know this will help make your back feel better after a long day on the job. We carry all the parts and replacements you might need to keep your Birchmeier sprayer in working order. Visit us at to upgrade your sprayers and get some back relief today.

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