B&G Bulk Sprayer Repair Kit 23088004

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The Bulk Sprayer Repair Kit 23088004

Compatible with B&G's Prime line Sprayers, Accuspray Elite Sprayers, and Extenda-Ban Valves.

Service up to about 10 B&G Prime line Sprayers and 5 AccuSpray Elite Sprayers with the included parts.

This repair kit includes all major components to keep you in service in one handy case.

This kit is highly recommended for offices with 3 or more service technicians. 

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MPN: 23088004


This kit services up to 10 B&G Primeline Sprayers and 5 AccuSpray Elite Sprayers.

All major components to keep you in service in one handy case.

Ideal for every office with more than 3 service technicians.

Save by buying in bulk.

Save on downtime by having parts handy when you need them.

Minimize Downtime With Quality Repair Kits


The B&G Bulk Sprayer Repair Kit 23088004 contains the following B&G parts:


B&G Part   Quantity
PV-266 Viton Check Valve   12
PN-150-2 Packing Nut Assy   5
SP-159 Viton Seat Gasket   10
5800-CC Tip Only   2
SH-142 Screw Housing   10
TS-141 Trigger Screw   10
NG-146 Nylon Gasket   12
VP-151 Valve Packing Teflon   12
5500- X-3 Conejet Tip Assy   2
P-276 Lock Spring SS   10
Viton Parts Kit   5
P-268 Tank Gasket   10
VC-153 Valve Cable 18"   2
1-1629 Plunger Cup   10
Grease Pack   10
SS-144 Screen Support   10
MS-145-50 Screen   10
VS-156 Valve Spring   10
4190 Viton Gasket   12
D-51-P Washer Coupling HS   10
Plastic Box   1





Download B&G Spray Parts Breakdown & Owner Manual

B&G Bulk Sprayer Repair Kit 23088004

B&G Bulk Sprayer Repair Kit 23088004

MODEL: BG 23088004


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