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Power Sprayer Tip #1 – Why the Little Things Matter

Safety is not just a good idea, it’s a great investment. Inattention to safety has big financial implications.

The following photo shows what can happen with cheap fittings. A backpack fell against the black fitting breaking it off. There was no shut off valve, so 50 gallons of chemical spilled. Because of the cheap tank construction (i.e., the tank fitting is part of the tank, not a separate component), the tank also cracked. The tank was not repairable and had to be replaced, resulting in significant cost and downtime. It could have been worse: hazmat crews, fines for chemical clean ups, increased insurance premiums, etc.

broken output fitting Cheap Fitting = Chemical Spills, Downtime, Clean Up, etc.         Fittings in key or high-risk positions should be heavier-duty to reduce risk. For example, the pickup fitting coming out of the bottom of a tank is critical. If it breaks, the tank will empty. Fittings attached to valves that are turned or hoses that are pulled need to be heavier-duty to handle the stress. On Quality Equipment & Spray rigs, we use quality brass fittings to reduce your risk of chemical spills. This photo shows the configuration of our 50 and 100 gallon sprayers.  

power sprayer design Heavy duty plumbing, plus gate valve to allow checking filter even when tank is full                

The risk of a chemical spill from a cheap fitting is not worth the upfront savings. When purchasing a power sprayer, pay attention to all components, not just the expensive ones.   It is the little things like this that make's spray rigs the most popular spray rigs out there.


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Andrew Greess - Spray Equipment Expert

Andrew Greess - Spray Equipment Expert