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Power Sprayers

Pest & Weed Control Power Sprayers

If you need professional grade power spray equipment, look no further than our selection of power sprayers for pest control. Our power sprayers are specifically designed to maximize your productivity since they are reliable, easy to maintain, and are built to ensure your safety on the job.

Professional Grade Equipment

We carry a large selection of pest and weed control power sprayers, so you can choose your equipment based on the application requirements, the vehicle you are seeking to mount your sprayer on, the type of power source and functionality you want to work with, and other essential characteristics. We carry sprayers with capacities ranging from 25 to 1000 gallons, electric and gas powered sprayers, dual tank sprayers, sprayers for mounting on tow trailers, truck beds, club cars, and carts, as well as injector systems and portable sprayers. Whether you operate a large business or you’re an independent contractor, we have a sprayer that will satisfy your professional needs.

Pest Control Experts is the leading expert on pest control equipment. We regularly work with pest and weed control professionals to provide the most reliable and productive equipment on the market. Our professional grade equipment is designed to make your job easier and maximize your profits on every job you take on. When you shop with us, you are ensuring that you find the right equipment for the task for a job well done. Take a look at our high-quality selection of power sprayers for weed and pest control and order your equipment today!