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Speaker at Arizona Office of Pest Management (excerpt of speech - Preflight Checklist to reduce spray equipment downtime & repair expenses). ATIONALLY PUBLISHED AUTHOR: Pest Management Professional Magazine: Preseason Tank Cleanout: Worth the Effort Safety is Free: Check Your Vehicle Load Filtration: Your Spray Equipment's Best Friend Spray Equipment Cost: Purchase Price is Tip of Iceberg Preflight Checklist — Save Time, Save Money, Serve Customers Protecting and Retaining Employees: Is Your Spray Equipment Up to the Challenge Hand Sprayers & Backpacks: Key to Better Business Truck Considerations for Spray Equipment Installs Parks & Rec Business Magazine - see all Spray Equipment Articles

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Spray Away - Selecting the Perfect Spray Pump 

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Reducing Technician Downtime

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Spray Equipment - A Little Preventative Maintenance Goes a Long Way

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  • AZ Office of Pest Management
  • AZ Pest Professional Organization
  • Southwest Vegetation Management Association
  • Central Arizona Weed Management Area
  • New Mexico Vegetation Management Association
  • Numerous industry meetings & conferences.