Crazy Customer Contest

Crazy Customer Contest

Share your nightmare customer story and you could


All customers are not created equal!

Who was your worst customer?


Let’s have some fun. Share your story below. You don’t need to give us the customer's name, in fact, we don’t want the customer’s name. We just want your story.
Customers are the #1 part of any successful business. There are the good customers that make business a breeze. They pay on time, are easy to work with and keep our businesses busy in a good way. Then, there are the customers that this contest is about.
We will share the stories, have a laugh and maybe learn something. 
Winner will receive a FREE B&G 1 Gallon Sprayer. Many thanks to our sponsor, John Cotton at B&G Equipment Company.
Just fill out the short form below by July 30th and you'll be entered to win. Please pass this along to your industry friends and colleagues.

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Need a little inspiration?

Here's a story from Andrew Greess, President and Owner

Customer ordered a Green Garde Spray Gun late Friday afternoon of Memorial Day Weekend. He ordered it with Fedex Next Day Air shipping. Even though it was late and the Fedex driver had already made his pickup, our shipping team saw it was next day air. They called the customer to advise that because of the holiday, it would be delivered Tuesday. Customer’s voice mail was full so they sent him an email. They packed the order and drove it to the Fedex office.

I did not know any of this until early Saturday morning when I checked my email. I got a scathing email from this customer calling me dishonest, a crook and a liar.  He had paid for Next day and he was getting (by his accounting) 4 day. He said he was going to tell everyone he knew, including his state pest control association, that we were crooks.

Instead of my normal New Jersey double barreled reaction, I kept my cool and explained that Fedex only counts business days and that we had acted properly and done everything we could.

He came back with another scathing email, saying he had called Fedex and that they do offer Saturday delivery and reiterating how horrible a person I was and how he was going to destroy me.

On Tuesday, our shipping department confirmed that Saturday delivery was not available to his address.   We emailed him this information and advised him to reject the shipment and we would offer him a full refund. We never heard back from him.  He kept his purchase.

The most amazing thing to me about this is that if the guy had been reasonable, I would have bent over backward and probably refunded his freight or his purchase in full. He shot himself in the foot by acting like a jerk instead of seeking help.

Tell us about your crazy customer experience and be entered to WIN A B&G Sprayer!

Crazy Customer Contest
Contest Rules: We will share your story. Qspray witholds the right to modify or omit parts of submitted stories in order to protect the identity and reputation of individuals or businesses. Prizes will be shipped to the US only. Andrew Greess makes all the rules, picks the winner and may change the rules at any time. Stories must be submitted by midnight, June 30, 2018 to be eligible for prize..