Termite Pretreat Wands

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  • Perfect Pattern
  • Precise Application
  • Control Termiticide Costs
  • Smart Design reduces technician fatique
  • Customized for your Company & use
  • Price ranges from $119 – $199 depending on specs
  • Call now to order yours! (800) 675.7485

Termite Pretreat Wands

Custom designed for your Company. Perfect spray pattern for accurate applications. Available in 1″, 3/4″ & 1/2″ (click photos to expand).

Spraying Systems Industrial Fan Tips

Perfect fan pattern. No more wasted chemical due to poor pattern. Saves you money the first time you use it. Gets the job done faster.

Any Connection You Need

termite-pretreat-wand-ends.jpgWe can build the wand to your specification. Fittings shown here are:

  • quick disconnect
  • ball valve shut off
  • garden hose fitting

We can build whatever you need for your sprayer!

Smart Ergonomic Design with Technician In Mind


  • 45 degree elbow makes application easy
  • light weight (but heavy duty) aluminum pipe reduces fatigue.
  • cut to any length you need