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Mauget Injections

An tree can be a stunning fixture for any garden, plaza, or backyard. However, it can also attract harmful insects - the kind that will chew up your tree until there is nothing left. No one wants that!

Believe it or not, you can keep spider mites and leafminers away from your trees - with a little help from a Mauget injection. offers a variety of chemicals from Mauget that are ideal for chewing bugs, fungus, and other obstacles facing your trees.

Our injectors come in a package that includes 24 capsules, and each capsule also includes instructions and application tubes for easy use. With these products at your disposal, keeping trees healthy can be easy and effective.

However, a purchase from gets you much more than just a case of Mauget injections. You’ll also get a steep discount on orders of 4-11 boxes or 12+ boxes - perfect for properties with a lot of trees!

Want To Learn More?

Whether you’re fighting off insects or clearing a yard of weeds, has the tools you need. We even offer discounted prices, so you can stay productive and ready for anything on the job without taking a hit to the wallet.

If you have questions about our Mauget injections, don’t be afraid to ask. Visit our Contact page to send us an email. We look forward to assisting you keep your trees healthy!