Scorpion Desktop Art

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Scorpion Art - In Lucite


Actual scorpion specimens perfectly preserved and presented in a study acrylic

Wonderful conversation piece.

These make GREAT GIFTS!  Comes in a nice gift box

Give them to clients so every day they think of bugs and they think of the person who gave them this cool piece!

Dimensions are approximately 4.5" wide x 3.75" tall



Each piece is unique and may vary slightly

Yes, we know that scorpions are not insects.

Product Videos

Beautiful Insect Art Work 00:55

Beautiful Insect Art Work in Heavy-Duty, Self-Standing Acrylic. Actual insects beautifully preserved and displayed in a gorgeous piece of art. You and your friends will love it. Even those that hate bugs. This work is custom-made so every piece is different.

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