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Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a comprehensive practice that takes all available pest control measures into account. Minimizing costs, IPM pest professionals are here to control pest populations quickly and effectively each and every time. Of course, professionals practicing IPM need all of the help they can get with high-quality equipment and supplies, so we make it our mission to stock several types of IPM tools to help get any job done.

Reliable Equipment

Among our IPM equipment, we stock professional grade UV blacklight flashlights, which are great for detecting the presence of certain pests such as scorpions. We also have a heavy duty IPM professional tool belt that provides pockets for aerosol cans, glue boards, dusters, and many other tools. Additionally, we carry an IPM Pack Mule version that can connect your other tools to your B&G sprayer as well.

Another great tool to consider is the Telesteps telescoping ladder, which provides a full sturdy ladder in a compact package. This is an ingenious product that provides easy carry and makes for a reliable companion to bring to jobs that require you to climb.

Experts in Pest Control

Our IPM tools are selected by leading pest control experts for their high quality and reliability. We provide everything you need in one convenient place for numerous IPM applications. Feel free to browse our selection of tools and order what you need today!