Crane Lift Sprayers

Some applications require that the sprayer be lifted into place by crane. We can build your crane-lift sprayer.

Here are a couple of examples of crane lift sprayers we have built.

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Crane Lift Spray Rig

This sprayer was built for a company that performed maintenance on a concrete dam.  This heavy duty sprayer is lifted into place by a crane.  The sprayer hoses are inserted intoa drum of concrete cure which is then sprayer on the dam.


Crane Lift Weed Spray Rig

This sprayer was created to spray weeds at the bottom of a dam.  The only way to safely get the sprayer to the bottom of the dam was by crane.  This crane-lift weed sprayer is one of our high quality weed spray rigs, welded into a heavy-duty steel frame that can be safely lifted into place by crane.

If you would like a quote for a crane-lift sprayer, please request a quote below.  Note:  All crane lift sprayers are custom sprayers.  They require a great deal of time, attention and labor to design and build.  They are not cheap.  If you want a cheap sprayer, these are not for you!  They are high-quality, industrial quality sprayers designed for durability and hard use.

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