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That's One Expensive Bird

Posted by Andrew Greess on

Expensive bird, on the pavement, a moment after landing on APS power lines outside our shop.

In addition to causing our power to go out, one of the electrical components on the line caught fire, necessitating a call to Phoenix FD.

When the power came back on, my laptop was fried. It was about the only time I hadn't plugged it into a surge protector. Here is what I learned from this expensive lesson:

1. ALWAYs use a surge protector. I bought a little portable one that I now use at Starbucks, hotels, etc.

2. I now use DROPBOX.com to sync all my critical home/office/laptop files automatically.

3. I am bought a cheap laptop, with a service plan, and will throw it away in 2 years.

I hope this helps you avoid an expensive, time-consuming problem.