Birchmeier Super Star 1.25 11613401

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Birchmeier  Super Star 1.25

1.25 Liter Spray Bottle 

This sprayer works great for:

- Herbicides

- Pesticides

- Biological agents

- Water


This terrific little sprayer can spray in 360 degrees, even spray upside down!  

Great as an extra sprayer for those occasional use products. Great for bed bug products. Comes assembled.

New swing with 360° function. The small, handy compression sprayer for greenhouse, home and garden. With brass nozzle and adjustable head. Perfect for treating the underside of leaves.

  • Spraying in any (360°) position
  • Transparent plastic tank with 1.25 l filling capacity (.33 gal) 
  • Recessed grips
  • Ergonomic and efficient hand pump up to 44 psi operating pressure
  • Red safety valve and pressure release
  • Large filling opening
  • Adjustable brass nozzle with swivel head


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