Birchmeier Storage Rack

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Birchmeier Storage Rack



  • Prevents theft, damage, and spills
  • Made from high strength aluminum
  • Fits Birchmeier 10k, 15K, 20K backpacks and most other backpack brands
  • Locks and backpack sold separately.
  • Some assembly required
  • Includes all nuts and bolts

If you need a way to store and protect your backpack sprayer, invest in a the quality Birchmeier storage rack. This storage rack helps prevent spills from the sprayer tank, keeps your sprayer from falling over, and prevents it from sliding around in the back of your service vehicle.

Protect Your Sprayer

Our aluminum backpack sprayer rack is designed to fit most backpack sprayers, including the Birchmeier 10K, 15K, and 20K. Built with high-strength aluminum, our industrial-grade storage rack is perfect for securing your backpack sprayer when it’s not in use. Click the video tab for a video from Andrew Grees, president of, to learn more about the rack.

Hassle-Free Assembly

We bring you the highest quality pest and weed control equipment to help you work with greater ease and efficiency. Our backpack storage rack from Birchmeier comes with simple assembly instructions. View the resources below for more details.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to store the AT style backpacks, the pump handle must be removed and stored separately (photo).  Because the AT backpacks have a longer spray wand, care must be taken when moving the wand.


Download Resources

Storage Rack Assembly Instructions

Backpack Parts Breakdown

For a simple, effective solution for preventing leakage from your sprayer or damage to its components, get the sturdy Birchmeier storage rack. Contact us today to place an order!

Product Videos

QSpray's Birchmeier Backpack Security Rack 01:21

Protect your pest and lawn equipment with our security rack for Birchmeier backpacks. For more information, check out Security rack: