25 Gallon Spot Sprayer

Our 25 Gallon Spot Sprayer is available now. Call 800-675-7485 now. Model:LG25

25-gallon-spot-sprayer.jpg25 Gallon Poly Tank, 12 Volt Shurflo Electric Pump & Motor, 15' Spray Hose, Weed Spray Wand. Available NOW! (click photo to enlarge)
jsw-shurflo-pump.jpgShurflo 8000 Industrial Pump. 60 PSI, 1.8 GPM (max) Pump. Not the plastic pump on many sprayers!
jsw-spray-wand.jpgSpray wand & 15' chemical hose
sprayer-wire-harness.jpg12 Volt electrical wiring, with alligator clips & quick connect for ease of use.

Call today. 800.675.7485 Ask about web special price!